You have probably seen our River Warden, Sean Ready, and his team out on the river - did you know we pick up over 80 bin bags of river litter each month out of the rivers in and around Thetford. We look forward to having less litter picking and are grateful to RiverCare [Keep Britain Tidy] for supporting us.


Have you seen our Crooked Angel posters about town ?


Check Clean Dry: we are helping to make the signs appear in the area so people can learn how simple it is to protect the riverscape from the seeds, spores, baby signal crayfish eggs and so on from being spread by humans -  Invasive Non Native Species on the river bank in our area include the Himalayan Balsam and Giant Hogweed. .




Beer Can Art :  making amazing and useful items from the beer cans collected out of the river and passing on ways of doing this quirky art -  the birds and musical instruments have 'met the public' at Knettishal Heath,Charles Burrel Centre,Leaping Hare and River Day so far . .




Riverfly Project  - invertebrate monitoring   - as part of the Salmon and Trout Conservation 's river pollution monitoring

Would you like to join in any of these activities? They are all free of charge. Maybe you have community ideas you would like to share or you just want to flag up issues on the river?  please do get in touch - you can find us on Facebook Thetford River Group - or you can email us 

admin "at" thetfordriver group dot org   Or use our contact form.