Biosecurity & Check Clean Dry on the Little Ouse & Thet:



What is Biosecurity?

Invasive aquatic species can have a devastating impact on British plants, animals and ecosystems. As well as preying on, out-competing and displacing native wildlife, they can spread disease and block waterways.


Everyone visiting a water body is responsible for helping to avoid the spread of non-native species on their clothes, equipment and everything else that comes into contact with could unknowingly help to spread invasive plants and animals from one water body to another.


Do you fish in the Thet or Little Ouse? just have a look at this video to see how you can help stop the spread. Anglers video


Check Clean Dry is a simple practice which can radically reduce the spread of invasive plants plants and animals. If you go out on a canoe, kayak or SUP please it is really important you follow these three easy steps. Here is your video


We are working with the Foresty Commission at Santon Downham St Helens and the Scouts at their jetty with signage and a public information campaign along the river and in the town.